IIIA Ultra-Light Stab/Ballistic Hard Panels

Whenever you need stab protection, pistol protection, slash protection, shrapnel protection and don’t want to bulk up your plate carrier – use HONOS Level IIIA Hard Panels. HONOS 10×12 Shooters Cut panel weighs in less than a pound and only 6mm thick. That’s only the thickness of 3 nickels stacked on top of eachother.

Available in multiple sizes including our most popular 11″x14″ Backpack insert at only 1.2 pounds and a 10″x12″ Shooters cut plate for standard plate carriers. It’s also available in 5″x8″, 6″x8″, 7″x10″ single curve side panels so HONOS can keep you protected and you will barely feel it!

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HONOS IIIA Hard Panels are extremely popular paired with our Patrol Plate Carrier for Fire / EMS / Rescue Teams to keep them protected with the least amount of pack weight necessary.

Custom sized panels may also be purchased in a IIIA Hard Armor in both flat and curved configurations based on your custom project needs. For more information please contact HONOS directly.

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