Plate Carriers

HONOS Armor currently offers two plate carriers. The very best carrier system on the market and the very best value on the market.

Our MK1 Legionairre Carrier System is the most durable and advanced carrier on the market today. Every stitch, angle, and piece is scrutinized before putting the concept into production. Laminated 500 denier is cured for weeks to make it the most durable yet flexible operator system available.

For those that need protection on a budget, we offer our Patrol Carrier. At a price point that can’t be beat, the Patrol Carrier is everything an officer needs to get going. It’s built with MOLLE throughout, durable nylon, and both 1″ straps and removable cummerbund system. Why pay $100-$150 for the same thing from Blackhawk or Point Blank when you can put that money towards better, lighter rifle plates from HONOS?

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