“Comfort Carrier” Soft Armor Concealed Carrier

HONOS Level IIIA Lightweight PE Soft armor is made more comfortable for everyday use with a layer of memory foam built directly into every piece of armor. We all know armor is never comfortable to wear, so while we were busy making our most comfortable soft armor carrier – we decided to make the armor itself more comfortable while we were at it.

Everyone loves the mesh backing we use for our concealed body armor carrier.  Born in Salt Lake City where we know all four seasons, our company understands that heat buildup can be unbearable,… and discomfort at your core under all your snow gear only compounds the lack of mobility.

The way our vest is cut around the shoulders, sides, and arms make the HONOS Concealed Multi-Threat vest mobile so you can be protected while you protect your community. The comfort carrier system is currently available in SM, MD, LG, Xl, XXL, and XXXL. Sizing charts can be obtained by contacting HONOS.

And nothing is more comfortable than making sure you are safe throughout the day. HONOS comfort carrier personal armor packages completely wrap around your side and provide the overlap you need to ensure nothing can get through. And our Polyethylene based armor has a tighter weave to make it inherently more protective. Our soft armor is bullet, slash, stab, and shrapnel resistant to ensure you have premium protection at a price you can afford.

The structured mesh in our vests combined with our unique memory-foam panels and the security of complete handgun armor protection at an incredible value, make HONOS the go to choice for any officer or first responder in the field.

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