Legionnaire Plate Carrier

HONOS Legionnaire Plate Carrier is completely custom designed to accommodate our Lightweight Rifle Plates perfectly. It is designed to offer the most options of any plate carrier with the least amount of bulk. It is built to fit a 10×12 Shooters Cut, Curved plate 1″ thick or less.

It is paper thin, and because of its custom design you’ll have the most movement you  can possibly achieve. The carrier’s quick disconnects as well as an elastic cummerbund system offer last chance mag storage or multiple fitting options based on your operational needs.


Paired up with HONOS Glowglint and IR patches, placards, hanger bags, backpacks, coms management, and other accessories you’ll enjoy the strongest, lightest, and most comfortable plate carrier system on the market.

HONOS MK1 system has been designed to maximize every option. Placards include three front pouches, three rear AR mag pouches (5.56), and one pistol mag attachment that can be used in a pouch or externally. With the MK1 carrier and placard alone you can pack a flash-bang, radio, admin documents (in the admin pouch behind the decal), compact med-kit in placard admin pouch, NINE AR Mags, 3 pistol mags, additional accessories like flashlights and tools in elastic straps, and more in the most compact and operator ready system ever.

Add to that the MK1 Hangar Bag available in Medium and Large. MK1 Large Hangar Bags can fit an Avon Gas Mask, it’s customizable still with soft velcro inside and outside as well as the ability to stack hangar bags with the rear attachment points.

Fit a pair of bolt cutters, SBR, or 40mm launcher muzzle down into the MK1 zip on backpack rear pouch. Anything from a gas mask to additional breaching devices in the large main pouch, and stack additional placards on the

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HONOS MK1 system is completely customizable. We offer padded pontoons, soft armor ready cummerbunds, and kydex AR Mag retention inserts. Remember your personal Cell Tags that say Police, Sheriff, Medic, Rescue, Call Signs, Department Name, or anything else you choose. Cell Tags can be made with IR / Glowglint / or simply Vinyl.

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