Backpack Armor

HONOS Armor recognizes the individual nature of many assignments and offers the best Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethelene Soft Armor in shapes and sizes that can fit discretely where you need it.

We make custom cut backpack armor to fit a variety of popular backpacks and messenger bags. Some of these cuts include a custom panel for the VertX EDC Gamut Backpack and a rounded 9″x7″ panel for the PFC Loadouot BOBB Bag. If you have a special project in mind, please contact HONOS Armor for your custom cut soft armor needs. HONOS specifically uses our tightest, densest weave of Level IIIA PE Soft armor for maximum stab and slash resistance, and as a bonus it acts as the perfect stiffener for the pack. Lastly, we line the wear face of our PE Soft Armor with Memory Foam to ensure the wearer is comfortable during long excursions.

HONOS has also added to its lineup the Legati Backpack. It’s simple, durable design is small, discrete, and protected with a rear armor panel pocket for your safety. The Legati is inexpensive and perfect for undercover, off-duty use, and loved ones who need a little piece of mind.


Legati features water bottle side storage, multiple front pockets, soft velcro for an ID Panel (Fire, EMS, Rescue Ops Suggested), and ergonomic shoulder pads and backing lined with 3D Mesh. Legati is currently available only in Navy Blue but may be ordered in additional colors for special projects.

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