III+ M855A1 Multi-Hit Rifle Plate

III+M855 10x12 Rifle Plate

HONOS has finished the design of it’s leading new plate. Weighing in at only 4.2 pounds, the III+M855 10×12 Shooters Cut, Curved Rifle plate is quickly becoming the new go-to plate for Law Enforcement.

Armor piercing 5.56 62 grain Steel Core (M855 / SS109 Green Tip) AND the new M855A1 Tungsten Core ArmorĀ  piercing ammunition doesn’t stand up to HONOS new Rifle Plate. We’ve created a hybrid plate that combines a grid-ceramic, polyethylene, and shock absorbing foam for protection from the latest threats to law enforcement.

HONOS maintained all our best features with this plate as well. We kept it a 10×12 Shooters Cut, Single Curved plate at the same affordable cost you’ve come to expect. It is of course capable of absorbing multiple hits. We have paired it with our 6″x6″ curved side plate – both are available today.

CONTACT US if you’d like to learn more or purchase.

HONOS is currently working on a Multi-Curve M855 10×12 plate expected to be ready for purchase in July of 2019.

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