Ballistic Blanket

HONOS Armor is proud to add to its portfolio a Level IIIA PE Ballistic Blanket. It has been engineered to be as rugged as possible. Whether you use it as a Bomb Blanket, down officer protection, or a gurney in the field, our design will fulfill the mission.

Our Ballistic Blanket has two pieces of thick webbing double-sewn together for the handles. The handles are then sewn onto the blanket through additional webbing sewn around the edges for reinforcement. Then, we do a cross-stitch through the Ballistic Material and a complete perimeter stitch through the Ballistic Material and reinforced handles to ensure everything stays uniformly where it should.

HONOS Ballistic Blanket is 48″ x 72″ and is available in Black and Coyote Tan.

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