HONOS Armor is the complete package of operator ready armor and equipment. Best of all, there isn’t anything that we can’t accommodate. HONOS manufactures and cuts all of it’s armor, custom-tailors it’s high-speed MK-1 Legionnaire plate carriers, and laser cuts it’s own glow-glint and IR materials.

We’ve designed our portfolio of armor to be the best – and the best value. HONOS leading team of operators have designed the strongest, most paper-thin, intelligent plate carrier available. Add to that our lightweight, multi-hit NIJ rated level III Multi plate at 3.5 lbs (10×12 shooters cut, curved) and you have a winning combination. We also have available to fit all our carriers an M855 Multi plate that weighs in at 4.2 lbs (10×12 shooters cut, curved), and a Level IV Multi plate at 5.5 lbs (10×12 shooters cut, curved).

For everyday use our soft armor is lighter and thinner than traditional Kevlar. And we also produce patrol style plate carriers just like everyone else, except ours will have 3D mesh for airflow on hot days and we’ll be less-expensive than anyone else. HONOS will only charge $69 for our Patrol plate carrier of the same quality design that the big name brands want $120 and $150 to our service members.

Don’t put up with 300% markup on the same stuff that’s been around forever because of the brand name that’s on it. Reach out to HONOS and we’ll send you a sample to prove there is a better way.

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