Soft Armor

HONOS Soft Armor is Level IIIA NIJ 0101.06 tested to resist multiple rounds of pistol ammunition up to a 44 Magnum 240 grain Hollow Point at 1430 fps. Our armor is made lighter than traditional Kevlar from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) cloth.

HONOS is committed to serving the well-being of law enforcement by putting our focus on armor that makes sense. That’s why we don’t make Level IIA armor that can be defeated by a 22 Long Rifle revolver. HONOS focuses resources into better, less-expensive complete pistol protection for those who need it.

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Protection from:
22 Short X X X
9mm X X X
45 auto X X X
.380 auto X X X
.38 Special X X X
22 Long Rifle X X
44 Magnum X

We finish off the design with a final layer of foam, so it’s more comfortable for the person wearing it. Our armor is thin enough we can spare the extra room to make armor easier on the officer wearing it. No Kevlar soft armor on the market has a back layer of memory foam built into the armor!

HONOS Armor is sealed tight against harsh chemicals and spills, and is maintenance free. Aside from it’s lightweight design, we also chose PE for it’s superior wear resistance and life expectancy. HONOS offers lighter, thinner and more comfortable armor… and that means more mobility when you need it, less fatigue when you have to have it, and less money – so you’ll be able to protect yourself and those around you!


We build our panels in Soft Armor panels in multiple sizes for everything from backpacks, cummerbunds, and exterior carriers to complete external and concealed carrier sizes. Custom cut armor is also available for K-9 operations, armored vehicles, and other applications. Please CONTACT us to request a quote.

SIZES (0.35″ thick): NIJ lbs +/- 0.1 lbs
11″ x 14″ IIIA 1.35
10″ x 12″ Square IIIA 1.0
10″ x  12″ Shooter IIIA 0.95
8″ x 10″ IIIA 0.75
6″ x 12.5″ IIIA 0.45
6″ x 11″ IIIA 0.35
6″ x 8″ IIIA 0.55
6″ x 6″ SAPI IIIA 0.65
5″ x 8″ IIIA 0.4
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